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Welcome to Lokiwit.

This is an unashamedly amateur site, containing serious and funny stuff that interests us with sides of puzzles and quizzes.

It’s not about Loki, the Norse god, although we love trickster figures from all traditions – Anansi and Maui (above) to name a couple (The Trickster Wikipedia page is a good intro).  It has nothing to do with Loki from the Marvel Universe, although we are admirers of Tom Hiddleston’s interpretation and his general acting prowess . No, the title is just a bad pun and we’re amazed no one else has used it as a name!


I’m bored with this, take me straight to the posts


Hope you find something to enjoy here. This is what’s in our regular posts:

  • Some analysis and questions about various issues and events (see our Missive page)
  • A bit of satire and weirdness (see our Permissive page)
  • A variation on Cryptic crosswords (see Caustic Cryptics page)
  • A regular/irregular quiz. Try the Trickster Twelve Quiz. We dare you! (See Quizzes page)

Note we have no social media presence. However, feel free to share any of the content via the social media buttons at the bottom of each page and post.

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Also, any comments which are about the site generally and not any individual post can be left in the comments field at the bottom of this page or sent to us via email



This is both a satirical and an opinion site. Some things are based on fact, others are entirely fictional. We’re sure you can tell the difference without us having to spell it out. Inevitably, some things we thought were original may have been published by others first. In such cases, we apologise and if it’s important to you, we can take down the offending post(s) or credit you. Alternatively, if we publish something first, and you publish something the same or similar, we’re not into litigation but it would be nice if you credit our site. We’re all in this business together.



3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Hokey,

    The quiz questions are hard – a lot of head scratching needed and I haven’t even tried the connect ones…

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