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Brush up your Classics

It’s not going great for our PM (at the time of posting). His competence and likeability ratings are both falling, according to these YouGov polls and neither include the aftermath of last week’s by-elections.

How should he respond?

Well, there’s always the old strategy (and he’s used it before!).

Profuse apologies to Cole Porter.


Brush up your Classics

In the media and my party, they don’t like comics
So to win them one should quote economics

They go on about Hayek and Friedman
I’d prefer things uncovered by Schliemann …..

Brush up your Classics
Start quoting them now
Brush up your Classics
And the voters you will wow

If you’re working a crowd down in Melbourne
Give them Homer and show that you’re well-born

If they say you are losing the caucus
Mutter something about “peppa porcus”

If the press they need more to distract ‘em
You can always just say, “non est factum”

Brush up your Classics
And some papers you will wow

If they’re bleating on coronavirus
Give ‘em something by Chos or Aeschylus

If by-elections give you the willies
Remember the deeds of Achilles

If your figures are deemed disingenuous
Say “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus”.

Brush up your Classics
And some loyalists you will wow

Yes, a few friends you will wow
Carpe vinum!
Yes, our Carrie you will wow


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