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Cryptics 1

Caustic Cryptic clues

There is a direct link between the answers to questions 1 to 8. Question 9 has a less direct link.

1. Brought back nuclear waste. Not by rail – some other way.
2. Leader’s weight added to, primarily, younger Bush lying about Iraq readiness.
3. Once ugly rumour, (in Wendy house?) Briton lay dishevelled.
4. Green policymaker? – mainly baloney it rankled to start with, anyhow.
5. Berlusconi’s guest unexpectedly born Italy?
6. Lobbyist, no BS, ran surprisingly for Middle East envoy.
7. Perfidious Albion! Try for centre or right winger?
8. Not backwards, Third Way! Big foreign currency returns for advisor to dictators.
9. Honoured millionaire globetrotter. Bizarre? Irritably so, with beginning of New Year.







Warning: Answers about to appear!









  1. Tony Blair
  2. Tony Blair
  3. Tony Blair
  4. Tony Blair
  5. Tony Blair
  6. Tony Blair
  7. Tony Blair
  8. Tony Blair
  9. Sir Tony Blair


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