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Cryptics 10

Caustic Cryptics

Somewhat appropriately, this latest puzzle seems to have taken ages to come to fruition but with the end result being rather disappointing.

There is a link within the odd numbered questions and within the even numbered ones. We’re sure you’ll notice this quickly enough. Question 8 is a summary of the answers for 1 to 7.


Cryptic clues (answers follow below)


1. Favoured choice. Sleaze bits hurt alternative. (9,5)

2. His ruin: ask about Johnson critic (5,5)

3. Haziest bluster intoxicating Thatcherite (9,5)

4. Reforming? I shun a risk for hedge fund manager (5,5)

5. Crazy hubris and zeal test for leadership campaigner (9,5)

6. Party man. Primarily, rich investment speculator. How impecunious survive, unfortunately, no apparent knowledge. (5,5)

7. Lib Dem and Remainer shuttles. Bizarre? Not right, disturbing (9,5)

8. Gulp! Does leader of hapless constituents appeal? (3,4,2)




Warning: Answers about to appear




1. Elizabeth Truss
2. Rishi Sunak
3. Elizabeth Truss
4. Rishi Sunak
5. Elizabeth Truss
6. Rishi Sunak
7. Elizabeth Truss
8. God help us


We know she’s known as Liz but you try and get anything cryptic out of Liz Truss, as a selection of letters, that is. Getting something cryptic out of Liz Truss, the politician, is probably easier. Also, her first name is actually Mary. What’s going on with UK Prime Ministers (assuming she wins) not using their first names? Three of the last five fall into this category (Liz, Boris and Gordon Brown).

Happy to deal with any comments below, including clarifications, and anything on the subject matter itself.

Also, there’s always the button thingies below if you want to share these with/inflict these on others.

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