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Cryptics 11

Caustic Cryptics

A lot of hyphens this time but that’s not our fault! Overall, this seems like an open goal, I know, but that’s never stopped us before.

Similar format to past CC’s. There is a direct connection between the odd-numbered clues. The even numbered clues are indirectly related to each other and the odd ones.

Usual plea to enjoy, comment and share.


Cryptic Clues (answers follow below)


1. At sea, a blamer unravels immigrant issue (6,9)

2. Reportedly, been derivative and then annoying vegan (4-6)

3. Buddhist aural balm? Nerves shot! (6,9)

4. “Insult now OK era” – tiresome, in part (8)

5. Go to court. Dance about in front of ranter with staff lawyer (6,9)

6. Broadcast tonight – war against cancer? (4-6)

7. All over the place? A mean verbal slur for Erasmus scholar (6,9)

8. Liberal tendency – a rigid agenda run deviously (8-7)




Warning: Answers about to appear





  1. Suella Braverman
  2. Tofu-eating
  3. Suella Braverman
  4. Wokerati
  5. Suella Braverman
  6. Anti-growth
  7. Suella Braverman
  8. Guardian-reading


It’s not often we get so many insults in basically one sentence – talk about cramming them in!

Here’s a link to the original speech.

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