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Cryptics 12

Caustic Cryptics


Welcome to what will be the last of these for 2022. Hooray, you may shout but that won’t prevent more in 2023.

Format similar to past ones. There’s a common theme (not that tricky to guess) running through these but I will say no more. It’s a time of year to be charitable, so don’t forget to comment and share.


Cryptic clues (Answers follow below)


1. Intoxicated by spirits, once sober geezer transformed (8,7)

2. Sound tradition, somehow also cringing (5,7)

3. Dementedly, scream with this Berlin institution (5,9)

4. Crappy eating. Tone sounding like origin of cheap filler (5,5)

5. Scant teaser contrived for group ritual (6,5)

6. Truss loses, burps about EU produce (8,7)

7. Imperial nostalgia, security. Get going around one (4,5)

8. Red capitalist can assault roughly (5,5)






Warning: Answers about to appear







1. Ebenezer Scrooge
2. Carol Singing
3. White Christmas
4. Bread Sauce
5. Secret Santa
6. Brussels sprouts
7. Bond movie
8. Santa Claus



If you’re feeling warm and full of goodwill to all and wish to say something suitably complimentary about our clues, then feel free to comment below.

If you’re not feeling so chummy, especially after wall-to-wall Xmas songs on radio and TV and other enforced merriment, then feel free to comment below.

And, lit up just like a Christmas tree, there’s also the sackful of mouse-sensitive buttons, below, enabling you to distribute this page to others in need, via the magic of social media.

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