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Cryptics 14

Caustic Cryptics


Slightly late for assorted reasons. Not a difficult link between the clues here but maybe more fun in solving the individual puzzles. Don’t forget to comment and share.


1. Clumsy partygoer rues official document (3,4,6)

2. Contingent compliers meet. Give it, by arrangement (10,9)

3. Joke admission of fatigue alongside smear (8,2,4)

4. Committee chair: hear him? Arrant nonsense! (7,6)

5. Smiled awkwardly before diet breach (6,10)

6. Agitated, he writhes until sanctioned (6.3,5)

7. Cooked/fiddled aplenty – detects punishments (5,7,7)

8. Firstly, bloody obvious rambler is sidestepping justice. Oust him now. Suspension obviously needed (5,7)








Warning: Answers about to appear








1. Sue Gray Report
2. Privileges Committee
3. “Ambushed by cake”
4. Harriet Harman
5. Misled Parliament
6. “Within the rules”
7. Fixed Penalty Notices
8. Boris Johnson


Been an ongoing pantomime, the whole “Partygate” thing.

Just want it to be over? What about the level of punishment? Feel free to comment below.

Plus you can always share via the structure of clicky (not cliquey) buttons below.


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