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Cryptics 15

Caustic Cryptics


Despite a touch of illness in the cruellest month of April, we’re back. Given current events, the link shouldn’t be a surprise nor the sentiments. Don’t mind if you disagree – mind a lot more if you disagree and don’t leave a comment!


Cryptic Clues (Answers follow below)


1. Controversial title or consequent change (6,7)

2. Dodgy creep drawn in expensive suit recipient (6,6)

3. Successor by arrangement, lacking her gravitas, ultimately (4,7)

4. Report of pictures? Then harass redhead. (6,5)

5. Crown unfortunately into who? French revolutionary tart. (10,6)

6. Beneficiary faces own peril maybe (6,2,5)

7. Performer warded off duke (6,6)

8. A solution surprisingly remains around, folks! (13)



Warning answers about to appear






  1. Queen Consort
  2. Prince Andrew
  3. King Charles
  4. Prince Harry
  5. Coronation Quiche
  6. Prince of Wales
  7. Prince Edward
  8. Republicanism


How did one get on?

Don’t mind any comments or questions.

Also there is the matter of the multiple hued button type objects below, which I encourage you to utilise.



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