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Cryptics 16

Caustic Cryptics


Not a difficult link between the clues here but maybe more fun in solving the individual puzzles. This one features both our longest and shortest answers, so far. Don’t forget to comment and share.


Cryptic Clues


1. Final ignominy in fool and moron mistaken for metropolitan leader (5,2,6)

2. Crap initially seen on sides of bus (2)

3. Phoney sex off as philanderer fled job. None surprised. (9,5,2,7,7)

4. Inbred ego text misleading slogan (3,6,4)

5. Blonde far nicer – injure in error (8,6)

6. Cheat in Press. Post in retrospect captured by progenitor of unlawful act (9,10)

7. Boisterous, big, deranged, rejected leader, failed erection (6,6)

8. Bounder nabbed reportedly in ill-fitting suit? (8,5)







Warning: Answers about to appear










1. Mayor of London

2. BS

3. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

4. Get Brexit done. Done? We certainly have been!

5. Jennifer Arcuri

6. Prorogued Parliament

7. Garden Bridge

8. Kangaroo Court – rather overused by Mr Trump, now over ‘ere. Also see witch hunt. Chance of a merger between these two? See this post in NewsBiscuit.


The link between the 8 clues, of course, being the previous but one (at the time of posting) Prime Minister.

Sure, he might have made a grey environment more colourful but so does vomit on a pavement. My favourite palindrome was Bojo no job. However, as he’s landed something almost immediately with The Daily Mail, the palindrome’s reign was even shorter than that of Liz Truss

Any further questions and comments. Feel free to comment via the box. And the “like” and sharing options also exist via another set of colourful blobs below.

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