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Cryptics 2

Caustic cryptic clues

There is a link between each of the odd numbered clues and each of the even numbered ones. However, there’s also a (slightly less direct) link between all of them.

1. Universal Credit architect. Indict as inhuman criminal

2. Former leader found party had no confidence in a D-minus Christian convert

3. Initially, I achieved inglorious nomination – definitely unpopular. Never considered altruistic. Nothing seems meritorious in this honour for Brexit supporter

4. Catholic maniac – I hid sin. Turns out badly.

5. Playing with a nut can diminish. Hand sanitiser job, man!

6. Blunt summary of “handicap” – originally noiseless man in suit, aids rich – out of order!

7. Artificial intelligence stretching the bounds of fashionable. Audibly deceived over pot? Originally Scottish? Sounds like a story for composer of Devil’s Tune.

8. Major “bastard” in the 90’s? Chaotic schism in unit a drain







Warning: Answers appear below








  1. Iain Duncan Smith
  2. Sir Iain Duncan Smith
  3. Iain Duncan Smith
  4. Sir Iain Duncan Smith
  5. Iain Duncan Smith
  6. Sir Iain Duncan Smith
  7. Iain Duncan Smith
  8. Sir Iain Duncan Smith


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