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Cryptics 3

Caustic Cryptic clues

A little more conventional this time!

There is a link between all of these clues. Answers follow below.

1. Achieve? OMG, Leave leader dancing (badly) for former journalist (7,4)

2. Agitated siren ordained minister (6,7)

3. Bananas render windbag victim of vegetable case (6,7)

4. Splash damaged yacht supporter reportedly sarcastic following money (5,8)

5. Crackpot TV Schemer? Yes, mainly, Nothing But The Truth presenter (6,5)

6. Fracking supporter allows mining via explosive (5,10)

7. Mistakenly, I shun a risk for multimillionaire (5,5)

8. Reactionary sound of two birds on vapour (5,4-4)




Warning: Answers about to appear




  1. Michael Gove
  2. Nadine Dorries
  3. Andrew Bridgen
  4. Penny Mordaunt
  5. Esther McVey
  6. Gavin Williamson
  7. Rishi Sunak
  8. Jacob Rees-Mogg

The link? These are all current Conservative politicians (not all ministers but all are MPs).

We’d love to have any feedback on these in the Comments below.


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