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Cryptics 4

Welcome to the latest.

Can you solve them and deduce the link between the members of this rogues’ gallery? Paint can only dry for so long, after all.

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Caustic Cryptic Clues

1. Veteran organised Trump douche? Doubly right! (6,7)

2. Prejudice, first, leading old Medieval battle for anti-Liberal mind (4,5)

3. Billionaire Mr Candid horsed around (7,7)

4. Former Counsellor. Staggeringly been on TV; sank mainly. (5,6)

5. A con soundly punished advisor (4,7)

6. Acrobatics enliven Kamikaze conservative removing a headline maker (6,9)

7. Climate sceptic harms eco role questionably (7,5)

8. Unfortunately, blame past call, Iraq principally for strategist (8,8)




Warning: Answers about to appear


  1. Rupert Murdoch
  2. Paul Dacre
  3. Richard Desmond
  4. Steve Bannon
  5. Andy Coulson
  6. Kelvin MacKenzie
  7. Charles Moore
  8. Alastair Campbell


The link? These are all media/journalism figures


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