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Cryptics 5

Caustic Cryptics

It’s Friday the 13th! Let’s put the crypt back into cryptic

This is more like Cryptics #1 and #2

There is a link between all the clues below.


Cryptic clues (Answers follow below)

1. Irrational number, pi, I prattle about

2. Short promotion – I give gratuity at El Bulli, we hear

3. I lit paper, first toke. Wacky baccy lobbyist

4. Israel supporter trip? I leapt clumsily

5. Child of migrants’ crooked partite lip

6. Found in Capri tip – a telephone case?

7. Thatcherite impaler removed Rutnam finally. Pitt distraught

8. Minister of immigration arrangement. Rip it up, slap the French?




Warning: Answers about to appear


  1. Priti Patel
  2. Priti Patel
  3. Priti Patel
  4. Priti Patel
  5. Priti Patel
  6. Priti Patel
  7. Priti Patel
  8. Priti Patel


Feel free to leave any comments – positive or negative – below. Also happy to explain any of the answers.

2 thoughts on “Cryptics 5”

    1. Don’t rule it out. It’s on my mind. There are two main reasons why there aren’t any so far. First, the left hasn’t been in power for a long time, so aren’t in the spotlight. Second, some of their names don’t make great anagrams. Jeremy Corbyn’s a nightmare, for example. This is a sentence you may have heard some say but not in an anagrammatic one!

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