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Cryptics 6

Caustic Cryptics

The Jubilee Bank Holiday has almost landed on us, so the useful excuses about not having the time don’t apply. You’ll have to think of new ones or, better still, it might just be easier to do them!

We’ve made just one concession to politeness for this one – this one isn’t (directly) about people.

There is a link between all the clues below.


Cryptic clues (answers follow below)


1. Building made rotten by the Thames (4,6)


2. Slabs seen? Then go, angrily (10)


3. In solitary confinement, ass loses kilo turning magnet (6,3)


4. Fabrication emits hubris? Um, possibly (7,6)


5. Dodgy realities remain for waste in suspension (8,3,4)


6. Space created by two impossible things to do here, audibly (4,4)


7. Bizarrely, assumed mad at us for dummy attraction (6,8)


8. Stronghold of awful, wild ancestors (7,6)



Warning: Answers about to appear


    1. Tate Modern
    2. Stonehenge
    3. London Eye
    4. British Museum
    5. Emirates Air Line
    6. Hyde Park
    7. Madame Tussauds
    8. Windsor Castle


The Link – these are tourist attractions (all in London apart from #2 and #8).


Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment in the fields below or share via the brightly coloured buttons they call “social” media. Also, happy to explain any of the answers.

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