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Cryptics 7

Caustic Cryptics

A rare thing for this post – we tell you the link!

These are the top 8 hated “celebrities” in a Go Compare survey from 2018 asking Britons who they would least like as neighbours.

Note, the presence of some of the slebs here doesn’t necessarily imply that we at Lokiwit hate them. It’s a shame we can’t find anything more up to date. We’re sure some of those listed wouldn’t be Top 8 any more.


Cryptic Clues (answers follow below)


1. Constant “I hate pinkos” solution for commentator (5,7)

2. Sound, we hear. Kind of entertainer (7,5)

3. E.g., a finagler mistaken for a politician (5,6)

4. Corny male jerks off autophile (6,8)

5. Puzzlingly, prog remains for hack controversialist (5,6)

6. Taunt appallingly with expression of pleasure by channel inquisitor (6,4)

7. Film cat badly censored following awkward situation (5,6)

8. Extra crafty but losing head. Good then varies distressingly (5,7)








Warning: Answers about to appear



  1. Katie Hopkins
  2. Russell Brand
  3. Nigel Farage
  4. Jeremy Clarkson
  5. Piers Morgan
  6. Jeremy Kyle
  7. James Corden
  8. Ricky Gervais


Here’s the link to the original article. Not the original data source, unfortunately.


How did you get on? Let us know if you need me to explain any of the answers.

Also, be interested to know who’d still be on this list in 2022, who wouldn’t be and who would be the new entrants.

Don’t forget to comment below and share via the matrix of blue and red buttons below. “Social media” is an anagram of “mislead, ciao!” but it still has some benefits, we realise.



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