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Cryptics 8

Caustic Cryptics

It’s the return of the less than clement weather and your favourite less than clement cryptics.

You should be used to the pattern by now.

There is a link between each of these clues below. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment.


Cryptic clues (Answers follow below)

1. Politician hams EU treaty without you French to confuse things

2. Brexit leader, ahem, stayer in a muddle

3. Home Secretary – Met hearsay: “a disaster”

4. Aye, hamster dancing, Queen’s once regular visitor

5. Lawless? A mere hasty for wheatfield runner

6. Cameron follower – looks like a solution exists but woman replaced by mop head.

7. Sides of truck/lorry embody shame and are outrageous for Christian leader

8. Mistaken, yet has Amber taking initial blame for immigration hardliner



Warning: Answers about to appear




  1. Theresa May
  2. Theresa May
  3. Theresa May
  4. Theresa May
  5. Theresa May
  6. Theresa May
  7. Theresa May
  8. Theresa May


Happy to receive any comments and requests for explanations of the answers.

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