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Caustic Cryptics


About Caustic Cryptics

Cryptic Crosswords are one of Britain’s few unambiguously good exports. If you don’t know anything about this style of clue, you’re advised to consult some of the material in The Guardian’s excellent crossword blog

At Lokiwit, though, we’re experimenting with a different way of doing cryptic crossword clues.

  • No grid with its horrible wasted black spaces
  • Sometimes not even an indication of the length of the answers –  I’ll just tell you which questions are linked.
  • Be warned – these could be construed as being a bit uncivil. Hence Caustic Cryptics.
  • Don’t forget if you like/dislike/disagree with answers, let us know via the Comments fields under each post.

While this should only be a last resort, there are sites which will help you solve individual clues. Crossword Solver Help Forum is genuinely helpful, with posters often explaining the answers.

Here are the latest puzzles …