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Just Stop Oil accuse local drama group of faking a protest to gain publicity for their show

Last night a local production of “Mr Blobby: the Musical” appears to have been interrupted by two eco-protestors running on the stage.

According to a video seen widely on YouTube, in a key dramatic moment, just before the young Blobby’s first solo, two masked protestors rushed the stage, throwing blue powder and carrying placards.

However, a spokesman for Just Stop Oil said, “it was definitely not any of our members that did this. While the two “protestors” in the video were masked, we only use one colour of powder (as we got a job lot of it) and one of the placards carried the banner “Halt Globule Warming”. I think some people have seen how our protests seem to get us on the front pages of some papers – certainly nearer the front than the issues we’re protesting about – and they’ve started using us as free publicity.

But Eric Duff chair of the Hamacton Drama Society, responded by saying. “It’s pronounced HemacTON by the way – just off the North Circular, near Chiswick. These protestors seem to be interrupting all the big events these days and now it’s our turn. The poor lad playing the young Blobby has to wear this hot (but brilliantly made by one of our local volunteers) costume for ages and he was already nervous.

We’ve worked hard to bring you a show for the whole family that will lead you through the young Blobby’s life before the trauma that made him lose his speech to the eventual redemption of his TV and musical triumph.

It’s only £5 per ticket (includes a cup of tea and a slice of cake in the interval) and there’s plenty of parking in the nearby streets”.

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