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About Missive


We confess. We like data and drawing conclusions therefrom. There are a few subjects we tend to focus on – Environmental policy, Transport and Electoral Reform but really everything is up for grabs if we can get the data and we think it makes a good story. We look at a number of sources regularly, our favourites being:

None of what we write will ever be the last word on a subject but, wherever possible, we’ll give you the sources and references that back up the analysis and give you the chance to look further.

Usual stuff – if you like or dislike and want to comment, please let us know in the Comment field below and under each post.

Second confession – although we like charts, we’re not great at drawing them. Maybe we’ll get better with time. Just remember, however, “shite graphics” is also an anagram of “seraphic sight”.


Here are the latest posts…..

  • Opinion: Why both sides are wrong on the current rail strike
      We seem to be no nearer a resolution to the current rail strike and further dates for December 2022 and January 2023 have recently been advised. The Government’s (and it’s their view not the Train Operators or Network Rail that counts here) view of the rail system seems to be: “we poured a lot of money ...
  • Rishi Sunak: Recycling an old myth
    I won’t be in a minority (for once) for saying that the Tory Leadership debates have been disappointing. The lack of discussion of environmental policy has been breathtaking. Who would have thought that The Climate Emergency would be trumped by the Tax Cut and Brexit Emergencies? In last Monday’s debate, the BBC missed an opportunity by asking ...
  • Is it time for MPs to have a formal induction on how some UK people live?
                    You’ll have no doubt heard of the comments of a number of Tory MP’s re the cost of living crisis. Here’s one recent summary of the highlights. Historically, and unfortunately, this is nothing new. Remember Cameron and Osborne being described as “two posh boys who don’t know the price ...
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Why hasn’t UK Transport done its share?
    There are 25 years of data between the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (1994) and the most recent non-Covid year (2019). Sounds like a good time for a review? Well, here’s one anyway. Unlike most other major sectors (especially energy generation), UK Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions barely fell at all over this period. It’s now the ...
  • Photo of the week: Pinning – the tale
    Every picture tells a story! Any captions for our high quality photo of the week? Go to Comments below.
  • Covid deaths: Why aren’t we more angry?
    Sometimes it’s been leading the news (pre-Ukraine), sometimes it hasn’t. It’s thought by some that the Covid pandemic response may have been the difference between Trump losing and being re-elected in 2020 (see this Independent article). And here in the UK? It’s not until relatively recently that the Tories have relinquished their significant lead in the ...
  • A tale of three emergencies (and the responses)
    When is an emergency not an emergency? You’ve probably heard of the Covid emergency and no doubt you’ll be aware of the emergency measures throughout World War 2. The UK Environment and Climate Emergency, though, receives significantly less attention. The motion declaring an Environment and Climate Emergency was signed on May 1st, 2019. However, there is ...