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North Devon Surfing Songs

North Devon World Surfing Reserve

I can’t be the only one thinking this…..


Photo by Surfing Croyde Bay on Unsplash


Surfing Devon Way

If everybody had a brain fart
Across the whole UK
Then everybody’d be surfing
Like out on Wooly Bay.
You see ‘em haul on their wetsuits
Their mitts and booties too
Shivering in the car park
Surfing Devon Way



Berrynarbor Girls

Well, Drassic girls are hip,
I really like them fossils too,
And the Salcombe girls, well they talk so posh
‘Bout their boat and their deck shoes,
The Cornish farmers daughters
Really make a good cream tea*
And the Minehead girls, well the way they drink
They make me feel right joppety

I wish they all could be Berrynarbor girls
(wish they all could be Berrynarbor)


* Although I think it should be “cream first”.


Any other suggestions? Additional verses? Completely different songs. Please add to the Comments below.


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