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Trickster Twelve #18

Winter’s hanging about, despite some definitions of Spring beginning start of March. A further blow is the end of the current series of Only Connect! (Congratulations to all, BTW, not just the winners). One way… Read More »Trickster Twelve #18

Cryptics 13

Caustic Cryptics   In these dark long winters, there’s nothing like a good book and a warm room in your local library (if you still have one). In some cases, though, whether it is a… Read More »Cryptics 13

Trickster Twelve #17

Welcome to the first quiz of the New Year. Bit of a change to the final 5 in this quiz, where instead of the multi-choice, we’ve posted five questions on bands. Stay out of the… Read More »Trickster Twelve #17

Seasonal Songs 2022

  Our little contribution to seasonal cheer. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment and share below.     Warm Christmas I’m dreaming of a warm Christmas Just like the ones we used to know With… Read More »Seasonal Songs 2022

Cryptics 12

Caustic Cryptics   Welcome to what will be the last of these for 2022. Hooray, you may shout but that won’t prevent more in 2023. Format similar to past ones. There’s a common theme (not… Read More »Cryptics 12

Trickster Twelve #15

Winter is coming. Starting Thursday officially, although some argue with this. This quiz seems like a good way of filling the short daylight hours and make the longer darkness more bearable, at least until Monday… Read More »Trickster Twelve #15

Trickster Twelve #14

Welcome back. It’s unseasonably warm for November but remember it still gets dark early and even darker in the daily news. How about distraction instead of destruction as one solution? In which case, try this… Read More »Trickster Twelve #14

Cryptics 11

Caustic Cryptics A lot of hyphens this time but that’s not our fault! Overall, this seems like an open goal, I know, but that’s never stopped us before. Similar format to past CC’s. There is… Read More »Cryptics 11

Trickster Twelve #13

Covid has run through the Quiz Department recently but now it’s back (the quiz not Covid!) and ready to irk again. Usual format.   Questions (answers follow below)     What comes fourth in these… Read More »Trickster Twelve #13

Cryptics 10

Caustic Cryptics Somewhat appropriately, this latest puzzle seems to have taken ages to come to fruition but with the end result being rather disappointing. There is a link within the odd numbered questions and within… Read More »Cryptics 10

Trickster Twelve #12

The rain beats down outside (finally) but who needs good weather for quizzing? This is our 12th Trickster Twelve. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment below and share your scores.   Quiz questions (answers follow… Read More »Trickster Twelve #12