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Cryptics 8

Caustic Cryptics It’s the return of the less than clement weather and your favourite less than clement cryptics. You should be used to the pattern by now. There is a link between each of these… Read More »Cryptics 8

Trickster Twelve #9

It’s the weekend!! Are you ready to ruminate? Somewhere during today’s quiz, we hit our 100th question, since our inauspicious beginning. That’s all I’m going to say (on both the 100th question and the beginning).… Read More »Trickster Twelve #9

Cryptics 7

Caustic Cryptics A rare thing for this post – we tell you the link! These are the top 8 hated “celebrities” in a Go Compare survey from 2018 asking Britons who they would least like… Read More »Cryptics 7

Trickster Twelve #8

It’s hot out there in good old Blighty at the moment. Why not stay out of the reach of the harmful, dehydrating, melanoma engendering, Giant Nuclear Fusion Reactor and feel the heat of a quiz… Read More »Trickster Twelve #8

Trickster Twelve #7

Hooray it’s a double holiday! Why not celebrate it with a few challenging questions. This quiz has the music clips in the odd one out question. Hope you enjoy and comment below as well.  … Read More »Trickster Twelve #7

Cryptics 6

Caustic Cryptics The Jubilee Bank Holiday has almost landed on us, so the useful excuses about not having the time don’t apply. You’ll have to think of new ones or, better still, it might just… Read More »Cryptics 6

Trickster Twelve #6

Is the erratic British “summer” getting you down? Maybe a grilling for the brain is called for?   Quiz questions (answers follow below)   What comes fourth in the following sequences? 1. a) Morbid energy… Read More »Trickster Twelve #6

Cryptics 5

Caustic Cryptics It’s Friday the 13th! Let’s put the crypt back into cryptic This is more like Cryptics #1 and #2 There is a link between all the clues below.   Cryptic clues (Answers follow below)… Read More »Cryptics 5

Trickster Twelve #5

Ready for another mental floss? Quiz Questions (answers follow below)   What comes fourth in these sequences?   1. a) A brilliant trip away from home (returning within 24 hours) b) Incorrect attire for lower… Read More »Trickster Twelve #5

Cryptics 4

Welcome to the latest. Can you solve them and deduce the link between the members of this rogues’ gallery? Paint can only dry for so long, after all. Don’t forget to add any comments or… Read More »Cryptics 4