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Trickster Twelve #4

Quiz Questions (Answers below) We’ve swapped the music clips this week, so they appear in the sequences. Apologies in advance for Q3. What is the fourth thing in these sequences? 1. a) 1009 b) 101… Read More »Trickster Twelve #4

Cryptics 3

Caustic Cryptic clues A little more conventional this time! There is a link between all of these clues. Answers follow below. 1. Achieve? OMG, Leave leader dancing (badly) for former journalist (7,4) 2. Agitated siren… Read More »Cryptics 3

Trickster Twelve #2

Quiz Questions (Answers below) What is the 4th item in these sequences? 1. a) Quetzal b) Eagle and snake c) Eagle d) ? 2. a) Precipitation on ornamental flowers b) Sensory extensions on young felines… Read More »Trickster Twelve #2

Cryptics 2

Caustic cryptic clues There is a link between each of the odd numbered clues and each of the even numbered ones. However, there’s also a (slightly less direct) link between all of them. 1. Universal… Read More »Cryptics 2

Weaver woman

Yes, it’s been a year or more, now but plenty of us still haven’t forgotten Jackie Weaver nor The Wellerman shanty. Thinking of the time when both of these items could dominate the news. Feel… Read More »Weaver woman

Cryptics 1

Caustic Cryptic clues There is a direct link between the answers to questions 1 to 8. Question 9 has a less direct link. 1. Brought back nuclear waste. Not by rail – some other way.… Read More »Cryptics 1