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About Quizzes

Who doesn’t love a quiz?

It’s so big in the UK (and maybe even bigger since Covid), it could be considered a citizenship requirement. Here at Lokiwit, along with the occasional pub and charity quizzes we also enjoy a few newspaper and online ones; in particular;

  • The Guardian Saturday Quiz – really challenging one, this – we congratulate Mr Eaton for it and applaud ourselves for even getting 10 out of 15. Lots of the curious and surreal and we’re particularly fond of the links questions.
  • Quizwise Daily Quiz – an interesting mixture of seven daily questions here, ranging from the blindingly obvious to the marvellously arcane
  • Quizquizquiz – regular questions on Wednesdays and Fridays you can subscribe to. With an added bonus of having the question writers from a certain BBC Quiz programme on the team (see below).
  • The Guardian Thursday Quiz – you can tell our favourite rag here. It’s more “poppy culturey” than its higher brow Saturday sister but also more fun.

However, we’re major fans of the insurmountable quiz, Only Connect (OC), BBC Two – Only Connect. In our view, the best quiz, along with the best presenter, Victoria Coren Mitchell (below). OC just restarted on Monday (17/7/23)  – brilliant stuff. We’ve missed you. Once again, massive congratulations to everyone who’s worked on it.

Our regular quiz will bear some resemblance to the types of questions on OC, although without the harsh time limits (!)

For each quiz, there’ll be:
• 3 questions, where you have to guess the fourth item in a sequence (like OC). These may be descriptions in words or pictures or music clips
• 3 questions, where you have to guess the connection between four different items (also like OC). These may be descriptions in words or pictures or music clips
• 1 “odd one out” question
• 5 other arcane/weird questions – some of which may be multi-choice, since we’re not total sadists.

Altogether, this makes 12 questions, which we’ve nicknamed:

“The Trickster Twelve Quiz”

If you enjoy or dislike or have any reaction to the quiz beyond a shrug or some statement about “how the internet is full of nerds”, then let us know via the Comments section under each quiz.

Here are the latest quizzes …