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Seasonal Songs 2022


Our little contribution to seasonal cheer. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment and share below.



Warm Christmas

I’m dreaming of a warm Christmas
Just like the ones we used to know
With the heaters glowing
And all the while knowing
We’d pay the bill and still afford Tesco.



The Holly and the Phillip

The Holly and the Phillip
Now they were in a queue
Of all the things that were headline news,
This one was most cuckoo

O, the rising of the bills,
And the falling of the Truss,
The footage of a merry party
Have all but shafted us

Now Holly she said sorry
And Phillip, he did too,
But for all the things our leaders did,
We’ve barely heard a boo

O, the rising of the wait lists
And the falling of the pound
The Scrooging on public sector pay
Will run us all aground


Baby, it’s cold inside

Don’t want to go out
(But, baby, it’s cold inside)

That warm bank’s so loud
(But, baby, it’s cold inside)

The vicar’s a bore
(I can’t wear one jumper more)

There’s that blanket I found
(You turned the thermostat down)

Need to email that guy
(The library has got wifi)

Oh, please stop your scolding
(But baby it’s cold inside)

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