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Trickster Twelve #1

roast beef

Quiz Questions (Answers below)

What comes 4th in these sequences

a) New-born
b) Rise
c) Smell
d) ?

a) 0
b) 1
c) x
d) ?




What is the connection between these four things?

a) Flop
b) Button
c) Dancer
d) Ache

a) Encountered in Pilgrim’s Progress
b) 19th century Novel
c) 1960s and 1970s band
d) American magazine

6. Listen to the 4 sound clips below. What do each of these songs have in common?


7. Which is the odd one out from these four?
a) Guinea Pig
b) Jerusalem Artichoke
c) Panama Hat
d) Torbay Palm

8. In 2006 who presented The Dream of Rome, a TV programme with an accompanying book that ends in a passionate plea for Turkey to enter the EU?
a) Mary Beard
b) Victoria Coren Mitchell
c) Lucy Worsley
d) Boris Johnson

9. Complete the Jane Austen quote: “Good _______ are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.”
a) Apple pies
b) Beers
c) Sensibilities
d) Servants

10. The first vending machine existed way back in the first century CE and was invented by Hero of Alexandria. What did it dispense?
a) Dried meat
b) Candles
c) Holy Water
d) Wine

11. Music Hall singer, Marie Lloyd, under pressure from censors successfully changed the title of “She sits among the cabbages and peas” to what?
a) She stands among the cabbages and peas
b) She sits among the cabbages and kale
c) She sits among the cabbages and leeks

12. In the 1790s, quiz meant what?
a) oddball or eccentric person
b) curious person
c) traitorous person


Warning: Answers about to appear!






  1. Coin or unit of currency (sequence is Nascent, Ascent, Scent, Cent)
  2. (1/2)x2 Differential calculus going backwards or integration (strictly speaking, (1/2)x2  + C). So derivative of 1 is 0, derivative of x is 1, derivative of (1/2)x2 is x.
  3. Picture of nothing (sequence is Market, Home (Base or Plate), Roast Beef, as in “This Little Piggy”).
  4. Can all be preceded by “Belly”
  5. Vanity Fair
  6. All commands you might make to a dog. (Roll Over [Beethoven], Watch Me, Stay, Sit Down)
  7. Panama Hat. All of these terms are misnomers but the other three are double misnomers (e.g., a Guinea Pig is not from Guinea and is not a pig) whereas a Panama Hat is definitely a hat. If there is a technical term for a double misnomer, I would love to hear it. Let me know via the Comments.
  8. d
  9. a
  10. c
  11. c
  12. a

How did you get on? There may of course be other possible answers to some of these and if so let me know via the Comments below. Also feel free to share on social media via the brightly coloured buttons.

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