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Trickster Twelve #16 Double New Year Special

A double special for New Year, as you’ll no doubt be bored and looking for an escape from shit TV and overeating. We’re competing with the generous helpings of Only Connect on BBC2 over this period but this quiz gives you longer to answer! Also, don’t forget, in the spirit of Xmas charity to comment and share the joy with others.


Quiz Questions (Answers follow below)


What comes fourth in the following sequences?

a) Ramones 0%
b) Monkees 25%
c) Beatles 50%
d) ?




a) Johnson
b) Arthur
c) Roosevelt
d) ?


a) Rascal
b) Group of people who share particular political opinion
c) Current measure
d) ?





a) One = 3
b) Two = 6
c) Three = 8
d) ?


What is the connection between these four items?

a) Lake Chad
b) Gulf of Bothnia
c) East Timor
d) River Avon





a) Savage Julianne Moore
b) Saving Brenda Blethyn
c) Amazing Aretha Franklin
d) Nicole Kidman of Monaco


a) Units of ionising radiation
b) Scattering of light or other electromagnetic radiation
c) Letter writing paper
d) 1930s blonde US actress




a) Saga
b) Scar
c) Vera
d) Viva


Which is the odd one out from these four items?

a) England 1966
b) Scotland 1974
c) England 1982
d) New Zealand 2010


a) Agamemnon
b) Emperor Commodus
c) Marat
d) Marion Crane


15. Which of these is not a type of sprout?
a) Cambridge #5
b) Early Half Tall
c) Peer Gynt
d) Tender and True


16. The 30lb turkey destined for Charles Dickens Xmas table in 1870 never arrived owing to Great Western – was it:
a) stolen by an employee,
b) mislaid
c) accidentally destroyed in a fire
d) disposed of, as it had gone off, owing to a strike


17. A 1551 Act of Parliament made it an illegal act, not to attend church on Christmas Day. When was this repealed?
a) 1848
b) 1888
c) 1928
d) 1968


18. In 1995, engineer Robert Metcalfe predicted that what would go “spectacularly supernova and in 1996, catastrophically collapse”?
a) Chernobyl Power Plant
b) The internet
c) The sun


19. “Winter banana” is a variety of which fruit?
a) Apple
b) Banana
c) Orange
d) Pear


20. Shakespeare, by some accounts, wrote a play for Elizabeth I, as a Christmas present. Which one?
a) Merry Wives of Windsor
b) Much Ado About Nothing
c) King Lear


21. Which one of the following products is vegetarian?
a) After Eights
b) Guinness
c) Liquorice Allsorts
d) Smarties


22. In the poem, A Visit from St Nicholas (or more often known as “The Night Before Christmas”), how many of Santa’s eight reindeer have a definite female name?


23. Bubble wrap was originally intended to be used as:
a) A child’s toy
b) Fuel
c) Wallpaper


24. The first elected body in the world to declare a climate emergency (Darebin Borough Council, Dec 2016) is in which country?
a) Australia
b) Canada
c) France
d) UK





Warning Answers about to appear





1. A four-member band who have three original members left at time of posting (e.g, Queen, 75%)

2. Picture of someone Smith (most common surnames in UK from 4th to 1st)

3. Johnson – names of US presidents replacing an assassinated president (starting with the first)

4. Member of Parliament (Scamp, Camp, Amp, MP)

5. A song with North in the title, e.g., “Girl from the North Country”. Clips are East St Louis Toodle-oo (Duke Ellington), South of the Border (Bing Crosby), West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys).

6. Four=7 (Scrabble scores)

7. Tautologies in geographical names (Chad means Lake, etc)

8. Fictional dogs. Clips are The Man from Snowy River (Slim Dusty), Roll over Beethoven (Chuck Berry), Tallahassee Lassie (Tommy Steele, not the original by Freddy Cannon, we realise but who isn’t fond of the great Mr Steele), Lightning Bolt (Jake Bugg)

9. Films where the word “Grace”/”grace” is replaced by the name of the female star of the film

10. Essex towns (Grays, Rayleigh scattering, Basildon Bond, Jean Harlow)

11. All words meaning “ideal” – Ace, Model, Mint and Perfect. A chance to remember the brilliant musician and songwriter, Christine McVie (nee Perfect)

12. Words which become new words when you add “city” to them

13. a – A football world cup question at last. These are all unbeaten teams in football world cups – the only difference is that England won that tournament and none of the others did.

14. d. Marion Crane was murdered in the shower – all the others were (it is believed) murdered in the bath.

15. d. This is a type of parsnip

16. c

17. d

18. b

19. a

20. a

21. a

22. 1 (Vixen)

23. c

24. a



How did you get on? Anything you disagree with?

Don’t forget to comment and share with others via the ranks of variegated buttons below.

Have a good break and make sure doing more quizzes (especially this one) is one of your New Year resolutions.

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