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Trickster Twelve #18

Winter’s hanging about, despite some definitions of Spring beginning start of March. A further blow is the end of the current series of Only Connect! (Congratulations to all, BTW, not just the winners). One way of surviving is to sit yourselves down for the next best thing. Moreover, we’re not about to be pulled from presenting this, nor confined to IPlayer – so only the content might be disappointing.



Quiz Questions (answers follow below)


What comes 4th in these sequences?

1. Mixer
2. Standout performance
3. Whiter
4. ?



1. 3001
2. 2061
3. 2010
4. ?

What is the connection between these four items

a. Blackpool and Dublin
b. Capitals of Sierra Leone and Gabon
c. Kyoto and Seoul
d. South Wales city/Benin capital



a. George Canning (1827)
b. Warren Harding (1923)
c. Harold Holt (1967)
d. Norman Kirk (1974)


7. Who is the odd one out from these four?
a. Coronation Street actress (b. 1930)
b. British musician and composer (1937-2001)
c. Happy Valley actress (b. 1964)
d. British journalist and radio broadcaster (b. 1968)


Five song lyric journeys (name the song that each of these places occur in – the place names are not always straight after each other)

8. Chicago, L.A., St Louis, Joplin, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Gallup, Flagstaff, Winona, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernadino

9. Ibiza, Norfolk Broads

10. Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, (Washington) DC, “The Motor City”, L.A.

11. Sudan, Japan, Milan, Yucatan, Borneo, Bordeaux, Tiger Bay, Mandalay, Bombay, Santa Fe

12. Saratoga, Nova Scotia





Warning Answers about to appear






1. e.g., Mistake Sequence is: Blender, Blinder, Blonder, Blunder.
2. e.g., picture of Lee Marvin. Sequence is Billie Piper, Piper Laurie, Laurie Lee, so someone whose first name is Lee. We’ve chosen Lee Marvin but another famous Lee would suffice, although a picture of Lee Anderson wouldn’t be advised if you’re after a peaceful night’s sleep.
3. 2001. Sequence is Arthur C Clarke’s Odyssey series (going backwards)
4. Cities which have the same meaning but in different languages – Dublin means “Black pool” in Gaelic; the capitals of Sierra Leone and Gabon are Freetown and Libreville, respectively; Kyoto and Seoul both mean “capital” in their respective languages; The capital of Benin, Porto Novo, means the same as Newport.
5. One-word interrogative song titles. Clips are Who (this is the 1925 recording by George Olsen and his Music but it has been covered by others such as Judy Garland and this gem from the Muppet Show , When (the Kalin Twins from 1958, although many will be more familiar with the Showaddywaddy cover from the 70s), How? (John Lennon, from the Imagine album) and Why (Annie Lennox). Further random fact about the Kalin Twins. Until 2007 and the Proclaimers (with the Comic Relief version), they were the only twins to have a UK #1. As far as I know, there have not been any others since. Feel free to comment below.
6. Presidents/Prime Ministers who died while in office (but not assassinated) – George Canning (UK Prime Minister, already flagged in this previous post), Warren Harding (US President), Harold Holt (Australian PM), Norman Kirk (New Zealand PM).
7. C. Surname Lancashire (i.e., Sarah Lancashire) while all the others are Derbyshire (Eileen, Delia, Victoria)
8. Route 66
9. Life on Mars
10. Dancing in the Street
11. Hit me with your rhythm stick
12. You’re so vain



How did you get on? Anything you disagree with or alternative answers?

Don’t forget to comment and share with others via the rectilinear layout of painted knobs below.

1 thought on “Trickster Twelve #18”

  1. Bit tricky. Like the picture round idea but wouldn’t have got Piper Laurie or Laurie Lee. Thanks for the link to the Muppet sketch.

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