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Trickster Twelve #3

Quiz Questions (Answers below)

You’ve had a couple of quizzes, to get your eye in. You may find this one a little harder.

What is the 4th item in these sequences?
1. January 17
2. February 16
3. March 12
4. ?

1. Disney film
2. Grouse
3. Extinct bird
4. ?



What is the connection between these four clues?

1. Japanese car model
2. Sounds vulgar
3. James Gandolfini
4. General drift

1. Software
2. Jaffa mineral
3. Portslade Athletic
4. DIY types tile N cell battery

6. What is the connection between these 4 clips?


7. Who is the odd one out of these four?
a) Danny Wilson
b) Christine and the Queens
c) Rose Royce
d) Wilson Phillips

8. Cuckoo’s Boots, Witches’ Thimbles, Lady’s Nightcap and Granfer Giggles are all dialect names for which flowers?
a) Bluebells
b) Daffodils
c) Primroses
d) Wild Garlic

9. In 2004, Mattel’s famous doll, Barbie, “split” with Ken and briefly dated an Australian male doll with what name?
a) Blaine
b) Dane
c) Shane
d) Wayne

10. In the early 1980s, in Chico California, a law was proposed (but withdrawn) with a fine of $500 for what?
a) Blasphemy
b) Exploding a nuclear bomb within the city
c) Insulting the President
d) Jaywalking

11. Owing to security concerns, many later episodes of Only Fools and Horses weren’t filmed in London but in which city?
a) Birmingham
b) Bristol
c) Manchester

12. Complete the quote from US comedian and actor, WC Fields. “Start the day with a smile and….”
a) Everyone will smile at you
b) You’ll feel like the sun is shining all day
c) Get it over with


Warning! Answers about to appear







  1. April 7. Sequence is the first four months of the year and their score in Scrabble (without double letter, double word enhancements, etc.). Yesterday (13th April) was National Scrabble Day, after all.
  2. Mo. Sequence is Moana, Moan, Moa, Mo (or something like popular name for UK distance runner or abbreviation for a moment).
  3. A picture of the Louvre Museum. Sequence is the opening four lines from Cole Porter’s “You’re The Top” – “You’re the Top/You’re the Colosseum/You’re the Top/You’re the Louvre Museum”.
  4. The four main singing voices – Alto, Bass, Soprano, Tenor
  5. Each of these words/phrases has one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse embedded in them – Software, Jaffa mineral, Portslade Athletic (this team actually exists), DIY types tile N cell battery. Be warned this type of clue will be used again – also in the Caustic Cryptics.
  6. All songs/artists associated with SI units (Second Hand News – Fleetwood Mac, I am a mole – The Southlanders, Physical – Olivia Newton-John, David Watts – The Kinks).
  7. b The other three are bands which have names which sound like they’re soloists, while Christine and the Queens is actually just one person (Heloise Adelaide Letissier).
  8. a
  9. a
  10. b
  11. b
  12. c (of course, given it’s the famously grumpy WC Fields!)

How did you get on? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you disagree with any answers, we’d like to know even if we still ignore it. Also feel free to share on social media via the array of buttons below.


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