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Trickster Twelve #5

Ready for another mental floss?

Quiz Questions (answers follow below)


What comes fourth in these sequences?


a) A brilliant trip away from home (returning within 24 hours)
b) Incorrect attire for lower half of the body
c) Very smooth barbering for the face
d) ?

a) Arianna Grande song (2019)
b) Olympics
c) Spectacular circus
d) ?



What is the connection between these four items

a) Small stringed instrument
b) Fast shark
c) Forbidden
d) Skin art

a) Bolivia 1904
b) Austria 1919
c) Ethiopia 1991
d) Serbia 2006



Odd one out

a) Oasis,
b) Dylan,
c) Osborne
d) Orpheus

Multiple choice

8. In the Chicken Song lyrics, what are you instructed to do to your Gran?
a) Listen to her,
b) Dance with her,
c) Piggyback her
d) Casserole her


9. Who is the first person in the Bible recorded as drunk?
a) Adam,
b) Abraham,
c) Moses
d) Noah


10. Which group of islands near Great Britain did the Netherlands declare war on in 1651, not formally rescinded until 1986?
a) Channel Islands
b) Scilly Isles
c) Shetlands


11. With a staggering 800 tonnes sold a year, which location is the world number one selling point for chocolate?
a) Brussels Airport
b) Harrods, South Kensington, London
c) Hershey’s Chocolate World, Time Square New York


12. Which UK Eurovision Song Contest performer said they would “rather stick pins in their eyes” than repeat the experience?
a) Cliff Richard
b) Michael Ball
c) Engelbert Humperdinck




Warning: Answers about to appear



1. Concerning bread and end of life, or something similar (sequence is verbose versions of the Wallace and Gromit short films – A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, A Matter of Loaf and Death). My favourite’s The Wrong Trousers – what about yours? Let me know in the Comments below

2. Something that signifies “one ring”, e.g., some connection to the Lord of the Rings, or more simply, maybe a wedding ring.

3. Picture of an eye. Sequence is Eve, Ewe, (the river) Exe, Eye

4. These are all better known by words from Polynesian languages – Ukulele (Hawaiian), Mako (Maori), Taboo (Tongan), Tattoo (Polynesian but not clear from which language within this group).

5. The year that all of these countries/entities became landlocked, having previously had a coastline

6. Computer keys. End of the Line (Travelling Wilburys), Night Shift (Commodores), Self control (Laura Brannigan), Comin Home Baby (Mel Torme)

7. Osborne is the odd one out. All the rest are associated with not looking back (Oasis song – Don’t Look Back in Anger, Dylan film – Don’t Look Back, Orpheus advised not to look back in the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice). However, the Osborne play is Look Back in Anger.

8. d

9. d

10. b

11. a

12. b, the placing of 2022’s UK effort, not known at the time of posting.


How did you get on? Let me know your scores, comments and any differences of opinion in the Comments below.

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