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Trickster Twelve Quiz #20

Summer is back to normal after the June heat. While the next shower helps to restore the low reservoirs, sit yourself down and do a quiz instead.

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Quiz Questions (Answers follow below)


What is the fourth item in these sequences?

1. Very hard
2. Horse
3. Very loud
4. ?





1. Berlin 1916
2. Tokyo 1940
3. London 1944
4. ?


What’s the connection between these four items?


a) AFC Wimbledon (2016-19)
b) Every London team (2019-22)
c) Norwich City (2022)
d) Southampton (2022-23, at time of posting)




a) Battle of Waterloo
b) Washington crossing the Delaware
c) Alcatraz
d) Lady Godiva (with added nightwear)


7. Which is the odd one out from these four?
a) Adder
b) Apron
c) Newt
d) Orange



Five questions on Thank You for Being a Friend


8. The song was written and first recorded by which artist?
a) Eric Carmen
b) Andrew Gold
c) Carole King
d) Randy Newman


9. Which US Comedy series was it the theme tune to (albeit not the original version)?
a) Cheers
b) Friends
c) Seinfeld
d) The Golden Girls


10. The singer/composer was the child of another (female) singer, who featured recently in a Lokiwit quiz. Who was the composer’s mother?
a) Judy Garland
b) Alison Goldfrapp
c) Marni Nixon
d) Christine McVie


11. Which classic US car is mentioned in the lyrics?
a) Cadillac
b) Chevrolet
c) Pontiac
d) Edsel


12. What has Tony Christie , who recently released “Thank you for being a friend”, to thank his carers, been diagnosed with?
a) Dementia
b) Heart disease
c) Parkinsons disease
d) Prostate Cancer






Warning: Answers about to follow










1. EE mobile phone company or maybe US poet EE Cummings, to the more highbrow amongst you (Sequence is HH, GG, FF, EE)

2. Picture of Bra (Brandy, (Jo) Brand, Bran, Bra)

3. Tokyo 2020 (Summer Olympics that have been deferred/ cancelled from oldest to most recent)

4. Football teams allegedly supported by each of the last four UK PM’s (at time of posting)

5. Songs featuring ice cream or ice cream dishes of some kind – Banana Splits Theme, 99 Red Balloons (Nena), Strawberry Fields (Beatles), Tutti Frutti (Little Richard). It’s summer, after all.

6. People/things which are tattooed on Lydia the Tattooed Lady, in the incomparable song (sung here by Groucho Marx) with lyrics by Yip Harburg. Harburg may be the best lyricist you’ve never heard of, having supplied the words to such gems as “Brother Can You Spare A Dime” (one of the few honest songs about the Great Depression that came out at the time), It’s Only A Paper Moon and more famously all the lyrics to the Wizard of Oz songs. See more about him here.

7. c, Newt is the odd one out. All the other words used to start with “n” and lost them over the centuries (Nadder, Napron, Norange). However, “newt” is thought to have gained an “n”, the amphibian having once been an “ewt”.

8. b, Andrew Gold

9. d, The Golden Girls

10. c, Marni Nixon

11. a, Cadillac

12. a, Dementia. Good on yer, Tony. Here’s a link to the clip



How did you get on? Do you disagree with any of the answers or have different but valid ones.

Well, don’t forget to comment below, then.

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