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Weaver woman

Yes, it’s been a year or more, now but plenty of us still haven’t forgotten Jackie Weaver nor The Wellerman shanty.

Thinking of the time when both of these items could dominate the news. Feel free to comment or share using the fields below.


Weaver woman

O there once was a parish in the North
And the name of that parish it was Handforth
There were tales of mutiny and so forth
Off you bully boys go

Soon will the Weaver woman come
To make sure that our meetings run
Some day when the wrangling’s done
We’ll make decisions and go.

Well, the meeting it was all at sea,
When to the fore came our Jackie
Said the Chair, “you’ve no authority”.
She blocked him with one blow.


Then once the chairman had been banned,
The Vice Chair said I’m second in command,
“Read the orders and understand”.
He got the Zoom heave-ho.


As far as I know, the fight still burns.
It might go on till the lady returns.
But politics is a pain in the stern,
Anywhere there’s ego.

Chorus, etc

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